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We provide the best quality pastics

We know what this is about and we know better than anyone how to do it

that is mulplast

Who we are?

We are a familiar Argentinean company, manufacturers of export-quality plastic products for bazaars.
A career of more than fifty years in the markets tells a lot about us…

Our company is leader in the Argentinean market with distributors in almost all the country. It was founded in 1952, and it is located in Villa Bonich, San Martín, Buenos Aires.

We have more than fifty years of seriousness and career in the market selling our long-lasting plastic products of great quality for the daily use.

The people

Our friends are part of our family, and our family cares about everything.

Roberto Müller (CEO)

Each of our clients is the clearest censor of what our market needs. We put special ear to your suggestions, it is part of our work.

Leandro Müller (adviser)