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We provide the best quality pastics

We know what this is about and we know better than anyone how to do it

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Payments and conditions for sellers

Bank deposit

The ideal way for companies in Argentina.
The deposit must be made at ICBC Bank Current Account in the name of Mulplast SRL, Branch No. 0523 02104075/03

After making the deposit you should send us the following data: - Deposited Amount - Proof Number - Branch number where the deposit was made

Other countries

Our company knows no territorial limits. Our intention is to reach the world with the quality that distinguishes us and offer you the best products.

Western Union

Ideal for our clients from abroad.
To know where you have a WU near your company click on the logo.

  • The spin will have to do in the name of Roberto Juan Müller, as it is written.
  • The destination is Argentina - Province of Buenos Aires - Locality: San Martín.

Bazaars from outside

If you own a Bazaar or Bazaar, either Wholesaler or Retailer, anywhere in the world you can market our Mulplast plastic products and products. For more information contact us.
Due to the exchange rate in Argentina, our prices for plastic products are very competitive worldwide. Mulplast is a leading industry in the Argentine market for plastic articles for bazaars.

For sellers and distributors in Argentina

If you own a Bazaar or Bazaars, either a Wholesaler or a Retailer, you can market our Mulplast products or plastic items, in your Province or Locality.

Contact us by phone at (+54 11) 4767-7397 or write us and we will establish our first link of work and success.


Distributors abroad

If you or your company reside in another country and you wish to be an Official Distributor of plastic items for Mulplast bazaars contact us.
Due to the type of exchange we have in Argentina, our prices of plastic products are very competitive worldwide. Mulplast is an industry leader in the Argentine market of plastic articles for bazaars.